Our goal is for less leadership meetings, less decision making, less time altogether spent on processes. So you as Network Lead can focus on your Team, building your business, mentoring members and creating a referral base through the Paratus Network. The length of this position is 6 months.

As a Team Lead, your primary role is to keep the meeting running smoothly, be a gracious Hostess when attending to Guests at the bi-monthly meetings and events, as well as communicate with HQ.  If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at HQ ( or schedule a call with the Founder.

Below are the guidelines for Team Lead. 

  1. Take the Lead. You are representing not only you and your business but also Paratus Network. Take ownership of the guidelines and represent the leadership for Paratus Network well. Keep this in mind when you are inviting guests, leading the bi-monthly meetings and hosting events. Keeping the talk and the flow of the meeting as a positive one is crucial to the success of the Team. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to HQ right away. 

  2. Go First. Being a Team Lead means sometimes doing things first and doing things last. Jumping in to keep the round table discussion going- is OK. Starting with questions in the business part of the meeting is definitely OK. Taking the lead and helping to guide the conversations is sometimes needed to keep the discussion moving. 

  3. Bi-Monthly Meeting. Are to be lead by the Team Lead or Assistant Team Lead after completing the required training. If the Team Lead or Assistant Team Lead are unable to attend a meeting they must secure a substitute, see below under attendance.  Keep the meetings in a positive, uplifting environment. Creating an atmosphere of growth, professional development and mentoring to take place.

  4. Communicate & Go Up. Communicate to HQ any situations that may arise, you "go up" with any conflicts, feedback and questions. Feedback and complaints always go up in leadership, just as the Team Members go to the Team Lead. Discussion with HQ and/or the Founder 

  5. Guests. Online registration is in place to protect the paying Members. This ensures no core profession over-lap and misunderstandings. Processes are in place to make the guests feel welcome, while keeping the meeting on time. Think of yourself as the Gatekeeper.

  6. Don't be afraid to coach a little. If there is a Team Member that is struggling, the Team Lead should refer the member back to new member orientation. Keeping in mind that some Team Members may be new to this and need a little more help, the Team Lead  may always reach out to HQ or the Founder and she can help give the  Team Lead resources. 

  7. New Team Member Orientation. As we lead by example, Team Leads and Assistant Team Leads must have completed New Member Orientation 101 and New Member Orientation 102 must be completed within 30 days of signing this Team Lead application (if approved) if this hasn't been completed already. If scheduling conflicts arises and you are unable to attend within 30 days, please reach out to HQ before your 30 days is up. This knowledge will be needed and good reference for you to use moving forward if anyone needs reminders or help. 

  8. Team Lead Orientation. This training must be completed before the Team Lead, leads her first meeting. There may be on-going training for this position as well, available online, that will need to be taken during your term.

  9. Monthly Leadership Meetings. These meetings take place once a month as of right now. These meetings are necessary to attend as we go over updates for Network wide events, coach on anything that needs to be addressed and a great way for Team Leads to build relationships with each other. 

  10. Attendance. If the Team Lead needs a sub, she asks her Assistant Team Lead first, if the Assistant Team Lead can’t- then it is up to the Team Lead to find a sub (and follow the procedures). If the Assistant Team Lead cannot attend a meeting, this falls under the Team Member guidelines for having a substitute. However, if the Assistant Team Lead is already supposed to sub for the Team Lead and can’t, the Assistant Team Lead needs to follow the process put in place. This process is available in the Team Lead Hub.

    1. If there is inclement weather it is OK to cancel the meeting or event however the final decision is up to the Team Lead (or Assistant Team Lead, if she is subbing for the Team Lead). Team Lead must email HQ as well as each Team Member and registered Guest by 9:00 am for a lunch meeting or 7:00 am for morning meeting. 

  11. Reports. After each meeting a report needs to be filled out within 1 business day after the meeting and sent in by the Team Lead. It is suggested to send in this report right after the meeting.

  12. Have fun and reach out. The Founder and HQ is here to support you every step of the way! Please do not hesitate to contact us. Have fun with your Team! Team only events are a great way to build lasting relationships with each other. Hosting an after hours is a great way to grow your team and have fun!! 

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