So you've read the perks, you're intrigued but maybe not quite sure yet. Well, first things first... we encourage you to visit a Network Team meeting and see how we roll! 

If you don't live close enough to a Network meeting, let's chat and see if Paratus Network is a good fit for you. Fill out the "I'm interested" form below, after that you'll be redirected to the Founder's calendar. Book a time to chat and have your questions ready!  

Network Team Lead

Are you passionate about helping other women thrive and bloom into stronger, more confident women? 

Do you love the challenge of leading others that ultimately impacts the lives of others?

Would you like to ultimately grow your own professional network of women that work with high integrity and a passion to grow their business as well as yours? 


Paratus Network might be the right fit for you!

We are currently looking for Network Team Leads to start up more Paratus Network Teams.

When you are a NETWORK TEAM LEAD the perks include:

  • Having the opportunity to hand pick your Network Team

  • Be a part of something that is life changing for the women in not only your Team but Network Wide!

  • Exclusive leadership training from our Founder, Mindy Cook

  • Full support with launching the Network Team from marketing to coaching to assisting you every step of the way!

  • Grow in your own leadership skills 

Sound good so far? Have more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a meeting fee?

This depends on where you are able to find a meeting place. We always encourage Teams to meet at a Members location if possible. If this isn't a possiblity there are many options available. If needed, team Leads can contact HQ and we can give some ideas.

Does the Team Lead run the first meeting?

Yes. Team Leads go through training before their first meeting so they know what to expect. We always encourage new Team Leads to visit another Team so they can see more about how the meetings are ran.

What time of day is the best to hold the meeting?

Whn launching a new Team, this decision is up to the Team Lead. Choose a time that works best for your schedule, yet keep in mind who will be on your ideal Team. Most groups meet during lunch (noon - 1:00), earlier in the morning (8:30 - 9:30) rarely will you see a women's group meet after 5... but depending on where you are at that time might work better. We go over this together over the course of setting up your Team and prepping your launch. Time of day may also depend on where you are able to find your meeting space.

What does a Team Lead do?

A Team Lead runs the meeting, follows the agenda and leads by example. She is compassionate and a really good listener. She works by the golden rule and loves the ability to use Paratus Network as a way to mentor women, be involved in her community, grow her own professional network through her Team and Network Wide. Team Leads are the "Hostess" at all Team events and after hours. They make Guests feel welcome and keep the Team events moving along and on time. She understands the need to lead by example and does so. For more information please visit this page:

What type of support does HQ provide for Team Leads?

Receive agenda the Monday before your Team meeting Track each Team's attendance (This is received from meeting reports) Receive month end report for Team activity Team meetings and events created by HQ Guest lists emailed to Team Lead the day before meeting or event NEW!!! Team Groups for each Team to communicate and upload docs from round table discussions Monthly Leadership meetings with the Founder Contact HQ anytime with questions and concerns Although HQ does track each Team's attendance we ask all Team Leads to utilize their Team spreadsheets that tracks round table discussion topics and presenters. This assists when there is a rotation in leadership for the Team as well as great for Team Leads to use to reconcile against when they receive their Month End Team reports.

I already lead a women's networking group, can we join under Paratus Network as our own Team?

We would ask that you complete the form below and book a call with our Founder so you can connect with the details and see if we are a good fit for you and your group. All Network Team Leads must have an approved Network Team participation application on file. However, you may apply to be a part of the Team and Network Lead at the same time.

How do Team meeting and event registrations work?

We make having Network events easy for the Team Leads as we do the work behind the scenes! We ask all Guests to register for each meeting and event. HQ then tracks and send guest lists to the Team Lead and Guest Concierge the day before the meeting or event. Member events do not require an event to be created as the details can be communicated through the Team Group. If a Team would like to have an after hours the Social Committee Member reaches out to HQ to request an event to be created for them. HQ will then create the event for the Team. There is not to be a ticket fee charged for any Team after hours. The Founder is the only one that may authorize an event that charges a ticket fee.

Do Team Leads track attendance?

Yes. We equip each Team Lead with tools to use so she doesn't have to create her own. Our system is unique in kind that HQ takes care of the majority of the attendance tracking. With this said, Team Leads are sent month end Team Reports with Team Member attendance included so they can reconcile against their spreadsheet. The Team spreadsheet is crucial to maintain for a Team Lead as the tracking for the entire Team business is on this spreadsheet. This is expecially helpful when rotating the Team Lead role.

Are there any committees that can help the Team Lead?

Yes. As of right now there are 4 committee positions that members can do. There is also the position of Assistant Team Lead, that help with Team items and sub when the Team Lead cannot make it to a meeting. Due to the Assistant Team Lead being a leadership position, this is not a committee position and one that needs to be applied for, just like the Team Lead. For more information and a list of each committee position and what their role is,please click here.

For the Virtual Teams: Do they go by location?

Yes. We want to encourage relationship buidling and referral passing with professionals that are loca to your area.

What is the difference between a Virtual Team & Face 2 Face Team?

There are two differences: 1) The location is held via Zoom 2) Members (as well as guests) must register through the website to each Team Meeting in order to attend NOTE: The Zoom account that is used is through Paratus Network so no fees or setup is required.

Our goal is for less leadership meetings, less decision making, less time altogether spent on processes. So you as Network Lead can focus on your Team, building your business, mentoring members and creating a referral base through the Paratus Network. 


  1.  After filling out form below, set up a time to speak with the Founder

  2.  If agreed to move ahead, the next step is to apply

  3. Video call with the Founder, Mindy Cook

  4.  If approved, complete New Member Orientation 101 and 102 (if not completed yet)

  5. Complete Team Lead Orientation 

  6.  Put Team Lead monthly leadership meetings on calendar and plan to attend


We do have additional leadership training resources available. Network wide leadership meetings take place at our Network Wide Event.


Message From The Founder,

My calling is to teach women how to be the BOLD women that God created them to be. To breathe belief and be a support for growth. Paratus Network is a vehicle that enables me to do this on a broader range. My heart and passion is to breathe belief into YOU and our TEAMS - to be the strong women I know is in there. To be in the habit of prayer and having our FAITH being at the forefront of our minds rather then an after-thought. 

I am driven to see YOU succeed in your business as you demonstrate your LEADERSHIP SKILLS to our Guests and Team. 

YOU get to experience leading in a whole different level with the support of my Admin Team and I.  


I am excited that you have taken the time to look at our Network of BOLD WOMEN and hope to chat with you soon!

Shine On,


Ready to learn more? Schedule a call with the Founder, Mindy.