Starting A Network Team


So you've read the perks, you're intrigued but maybe not quite sure yet. Well, first things first... we encourage you to visit a Network Team meeting and see how we roll! 

If you don't live close enough to a Network meeting, let's chat and see if Paratus Network is a good fit for you. Fill out the "I'm interested" form below, after that you'll be redirected to the Founder's calendar. Book a time to chat and have your questions ready!  

Our goal is for less leadership meetings, less decision making, less time altogether spent on processes. So you as Network Lead can focus on your Team, building your business, mentoring members and creating a referral base through the Paratus Network. 


  1.  After filling out form below, set up a time to speak with the Founder

  2.  If agreed to move ahead, the next step is to apply

  3. Take personality test

  4.  If pass this far, follow up video call w/Founder

  5.  If approved, complete New Member Orientation 101 and 102 (if not completed yet)

  6. Complete Team Lead Orientation 

  7.  Put Team Lead monthly leadership meetings on calendar and plan to attend


We do have additional leadership training resources available. Network wide leadership meetings take place at our Network Wide Event.

BOTTOM LINE - From the Founder

My calling is to teach women how to be the BOLD women that God created them to be. To breathe belief and be a support for growth. Paratus Network is a vehicle that enables me to do this on a broader range. My heart and passion is to breathe belief into YOU and our TEAMS - to be the strong women I know is in there. To be in the habit of prayer and having our FAITH being at the forefront of our minds rather then an after-thought. 

I am driven to see YOU succeed in your business as you demonstrate your LEADERSHIP SKILLS to our Guests and Team. 

YOU get to experience leading in a whole different level with the support of my Admin Team and I.  


I am excited that you have taken the time to look at our Network of BOLD WOMEN and hope to chat with you soon!

Shine On,





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