Revised Leadership Role Process

Hello Members,

We wanted to reach out to you regarding an update for our Team Leads and Assistant Team Lead positions and rotations.

After reviewing some feedback, we have received about this process, we have decided to update the existing process for current Teams changing leadership positions. We have also revised the guidelines in regard to Team participation for more clarity.

We have kept the Team Lead application for someone who wants to start a brand-new Team.

For an already established Team, we are going to leave it up to each individual Team to discuss and vote at your meetings for the next Team Lead and Assistant Team Lead roles. We do want to remind everyone that the limit is 2 - six month terms, so that everyone has the opportunity to serve in a leadership role. This also releases others to volunteer for committee roles as well.

We have also simplified what the role for Team Lead is:

Team Lead Role:

  • Leads Team bi-monthly meetings

  • 6 month term (can serve 2 terms)

  • Updates agenda, prints copies & either brings to meetings or sends to someone else to print and bring

  • Submit meeting reports after every Team Meeting (through website)

  • Attends bi-monthly Team Lead meetings with Founder when possible

  • Completes Team Lead Orientation before leading first meeting (videos on website)

New Team Lead Rotation process (this is the same for Assistant Team Lead):

  • HQ will send out a reminder email to the Team the month prior to the expiration of your current Team Lead’s term.

  • Current Team Lead will add to the next agenda to vote.

  • Current Team Lead must email HQ after the first meeting in her fifth month who the next Team Lead will be. (This gives the incoming Team Lead time to watch the orientation and have a smooth transition).

  • Incoming Team Lead must fill out the Incoming Team Lead Form (resources page on the website) acknowledging the new role and complete Team Lead orientation before leading her first meeting.

You can see the full updated Member Guidelineshere under "Participation". With this revised process we hope this will help with rotating into leadership positions. Just remember that HQ does all of the back work for the Teams, so running a meeting is the main focus of the Leadership Role.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Mindy and Chelsea

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