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Hello Network Team Members!

Thank you to those who could make it to the Christmas party! It was nice to see everyone. At the party, I spoke about moving people around and some exciting growth and leadership opportunities coming! Stay tuned!!

1) First, when we launched in October, things have been a bit of a whirlwind and after much feedback we felt the need to clarify a few things with the wording of the guidelines. These new guidelines go into effect January 1, 2020.

You may read the updated guidelines here:

*Note that the only addition is to attendance regarding tardies. Updating the guidelines is not something we take lightly and won’t do unless necessary. This updated addition is put into place of course, after much discussion.

2) Next update is that we are adding a Guest Concierge Committee position. We are still developing this position as well as others!

This is an exciting time of growth for us all and with growth comes opportunities! If any of you have an interest in any committee or leadership positions, please reply back and let us know!

3) You may have noticed already some changes to our website! One being that every member will now have their own profile! (Yay for no more lost passwords!) Here are the steps to create your own member log in:

Go to www.paratusnetwork.netupper right hand corner is a bell icon and it states "log-in"click on itpage will open up, please click on "create account"create your account then click "submit"HQ will verify you are a member and approve you.Understandably we know we will be receiving a lot of requests, please be patient as we go through these. We hope to have you approved within 1 business day!You will receive an email from HQ when member status is confirmed.NOTE*** Once approved, you will have an option to "make profile public", "public" means in the members-only community, not literally public for anyone to see. Having a public account allows you to comment and like the Network News posts - which are only view-able to our members-only community.Once you have access to the member only pages feel free to look around!

Of course, due to this update the Member Hub is no longer active.

4) Groups: You'll notice there is a "groups" tab under the page "members only" on the menu bar. Please request to join your teams group. This is how we will be communicating in our Team's moving forward instead of using Facebook groups. To join your Teams' group: Click on "join"Your request to join the group will be sent in to HQ You will receive an email from HQ when member status is confirmed. The Facebook team groups will be archived by January 9, 2020. This will help as not all members are active on social media.

If you are a part of a committee or a team lead please request to join those groups as well!

5) News From HQ: This will be how HQ communicates with you so be sure to subscribe to this. It is in a blog format so members can comment, ask questions and like it. This cannot be shared publicly and is meant for members only communication.

If you have ANY questions please contact HQ. We LOVE answering questions =) or chat with us on the website

My website team and marketing team have been working and testing this website upgrade for months and we sincerely hope that you all love it!! Please let us know any feedback positive as well as not so positive.

Shine On!

Mindy Cook

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