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Here is the checklist I mentioned in the video: 3T & 4T boys and girls: PJ's socks baby wash underwear These are items need to be new and can be purchased separately.

Also sizes 12,14,16 are needed as well

Please bring donations to your Team Meeting and give to your Community Liaison. She will connect with Mindy for final donation drop off.

**Please note we would like to keep this separate than any other donations that you all may have going so we can track and see where we are at and make sure all needs are covered. **

Any questions please reach out to HQ.

If you would like to visit the Hope PKGS Facebook page click here.

Do you know ALL of the benefits and perks to being a Paratus Network Member? There is so much more to this membership than I bet most of you now of!

SHOUT OUT to the following Members that are already registered! Kathy Wall Julie Kamer Claire Rotman Stacy Walsh Kathy Ulberg

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to the following Members that have completed Membership 101: Kathy Wall Julie Kamer Claire Rotman Amy Cooper Kathy Ulberg Jodi White Tricia Buiskool

****You NEED to have gone through Membership 101 to attend Membership 102. ****

Register today for a more hands - on - ask - questions event for your membership! BRING YOUR LAPTOPS or TABLETS WITH YOU!



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