Membership Drive!

👉🏻Check to make sure you are in your Team’s group & notifications are on! HQ will be posting in all team groups updates and prize info!! Please reach out to HQ if you need help.

👉🏻Start your list of prospects and invite them to meeting! Take Michele Coy’s (Kalamazoo Team) tip and after you invite them and they want to attend- register for them (just remember to put in the guests information and not yours)😉.

👉🏻Post in your Team’s group any updates!

👉🏻Invite your friends, colleagues and member prospects to our Facebook GROUP! The algorithms on Facebook like groups over pages... especially ACTIVE groups! Take a few minutes today and invite your friends... even if they are out of state! Wouldn't it be cool to be a nationwide women owned organization??? 🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻

👉🏻Check your LinkedIn account for prospects and KNOW which core professions your fellow teams members need and invite them too!

👉🏻Chat it up in your Team Groups! That's why they are there!

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