Member Network Directory/Profile Updates!

WOO HOO!!! We always strive to make updates to our website that will increase SEO (which helps all of us), become more mobile friendly all the while maintaining our branding message. Our HQ Team and Website Master are loving these updates to our website and hope that you do too! With these now enhanced profiles and directory listing this will give the viewer easier navigation to member profiles and help us all build more brand awareness with our businesses! Here are the recent updates as of today to our website.



Each member listed in the network directory under their core profession. Website viewer would click on the core profession and this would open to another page listing all members in this profession in alphabetical order by member last name.


1) We simplified each listing so they are more clear and mobile friendly

2) Added a button that says "view profile" by each members' directory listing that links directly to the members profile

3) In alphabetical order by company name, easier for website viewer to find.

Click here to see the updates!



Team Lead profile is first and enhanced with a different colored background. After the Team Lead profile was the rest of the team in alphabetical order.


1) Team Lead profiles are still listed first on the team page and now enhanced by size instead of color

2) Fonts and font colors are changed to better align with our brand

3) Each profile is in the order to their membership level

Visit your Teams's page to see the updates! HOLLAND HOLLAND LAKESHORE

Due to the profile upgrades we have been asked about upgrading membership levels. You may do so my sending us an email at

Taking advantage of the extra website traffic for our Team launches will help give your profile and you more awareness! As always we love answering questions, if you have any please contact us at!

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