April Member Updates!

Well, there isn't too much to update you all on except that after speaking with a couple of you that virtual meetings seem to be the best way to holding our meetings until we are in officially in "phase one" anyway. Most Team meetings aren't more than 10 right now, so we should be good there. HQ will keep an eye on registration numbers and will still forward guest lists the day before the meeting to Leads. HQ will let Team Leads know when we will open Team Meetings back up to live from virtual.

Our assumption after we are opened back up, is that people will want/need to build relationships even more and support each other. With this said, we anticipate growth in guests! This would be a perfect time to start thinking about having an after hours! When we move to phase 2 (up to 50 in a gathering) your Team can host one! If your Team has a social committee member, she has the info and tools to move forward with the planning when we are ready.

We have been researching and in contact with other organizations like ours for how they are handling things as well. One idea is having an online virtual summit type event. If this is something you might want to take part of, let us know! We are tossing this idea around as far as topics and the migration of it. Any ideas of how we can create more "togetherness" during this time please comment below or send us a message at hello@paratusnetwork.net!

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy! Hang in there, we hopefully are almost through this!

All My Best,


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