• Be Involved. Get the most out of your membership and participate! Invite guests, show up a little early and stay after a little late - networking with your fellow Team is a great way to build relationships. We always recommend attending other networking and community events together as a Team. Have a good connection with a team member? Go out to coffee! 

  • Referrals. Giving referrals to the Team is up to the member. Referrals are not mandatory in any way however passing referrals are welcomed. 

  • Attendance. As a Team Member you have 3 excused absences to use in your participation year. We understand that some things come up (sometimes at the last minute) and you might not be able to make every meeting, therefore, Team Members can have a Sub fill in for them an unlimited amount of times or use one of their absences.

    • SUBS: We ask that you find a substitute that is either at the same company you work for, a client or in a core profession that is not already taken by a current Team Member. Your substitute must register for the meeting and you must let your Network Lead know as soon as possible. A good way to do this would be to introduce your substitute via email. If your sub does not follow the guidelines, this may count as one of the Team Members' absence.

    • TARDY: If you are late to your Team meeting 3 times, this will count as one of your three allowed absences. 

    • MISSED MEETINGS: After 3 missed meetings, depending on the situation, you no longer would be a part of the Network Team, your core profession slot may be opened in your Network Team and no monies returned. 

    • WEATHER: The Team Lead will email all Team Members by 7:00 am for morning meeting and 9:00 am for lunch meeting if the meeting is cancelled due to weather. This will not count as one of your three absences. 

  • One Person per Core Profession.  With one person per core profession, this ensures that each Team Member feels that they can share freely and be open without their competition sitting across the table from them. Each Team Member may only represent the one core profession that is on their approved application at all Paratus Network events and meetings. If this is not followed your membership may be terminated with no monies returned. You may however apply to have a second core profession, pay an additional participation fee and go through the application process.

  • Round Table Discussions: This takes place at the bi-monthly meetings and are lead by Team Members. Each Team Member has different strengths and experiences that can be shared and help others in the Team to grow. We ask that all members take their turn to lead a round table discussion, focusing on the Team Members' strength and experiences to guide the discussion.

  • Attitude is Everything. Be a good example and use the golden rule (treat others the way that you would want to be treated). Always be positive when at meetings or events to keep the culture of mentoring and team spirit moving forward. When building relationships with your fellow Team Members, referrals will happen more often however may take some time. A good rule to remember is that with every referral you give, that referrer's professional reputation is attached, this is why receiving a referral is a HUGE compliment. 

  • Participation. All Team Members are expected to participate in some form, this includes taking a turn to be in a leadership position or a committee position. It takes a Team working together to run a meeting and to be successful. HQ is there for support and assist in many ways, however it is up to the Teams to vote on all applying Members and Leadership rotations. Team Lead and Assistant Team Lead Roles have a 6 month limit (can serve two terms), committees are more flexible and are Team voted as well. 

  • New Team Member Orientation. There are 2 classes to New Member Orientation, 101 and 102. New Member Orientation 101 is available online in the Team Member Hub. The second class is live, taught by the Founder, for now. 102 will soon be available in video or webinar form. At these classes, Team Members learn the best way to utilize their membership, using the tools that we have available. ​​We HIGHLY encourage all members to go through both classes within the first month of joining. 

                                                                                                                                                                           Last revision 2.2021

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in joining our Network! Please allow 14 business days for processing.

Application Steps:

  1. Receipt of application to HQ, applicant information forwarded on to the Team Lead.

  2. Possible coffee appointments with Team Members for the Team you have applied for. This will be over the phone or in person. This is because all Members vote on applicants. 

  3. Applicant must visit at least one meeting to which they are applying for.

  4. Team Members vote through online form sent to HQ.

  5. Review of application and decision made.

  6. Email sent with application decision.

Please make sure to get right back with the Team Lead, as not responding promptly may delay your application decision.

Any questions please contact us at