Are You Ready?

Are you ready to push the start button and see how having a network of strong, professional women can help grow your business?? Are you ready to have support for not only your business but your family as well? Girl let's get you going!!

One person per profession in each Network Team so don't delay! 


Being a part of our Network Team is simple.

  1. Show up, be a positive support to your fellow Network Team and be involved in PNT events.

  2. Referrals are not mandatory, usually what you give, is what you'll receive... So give away!

  3. Attendance to your Network Team Meetings are a good thing. Showing up helps build your relationship with your team, which leads to trust, which leads to more referrals for you to grow your business. Be a team player!

  4.  We do have one person per core profession. Why? We know you probably won't share and be open in the round table discussions if your competition is sitting across the table from you.  

  5. We keep these Network Teams at no more than 20 per Team. This ensures relationships are being built, quicker. There will be occasional Network Wide events which would include ALL Network Teams and all professions. This can only increase your overall network. 

  6. Be a good example and rock the golden rule.

Learn more about our guidelines.

Network Benefits

Grow your professional referral base through the referrals given at Network Team Meetings

Build relationships with like-minded-goal-digging professionals

Discounts given by Team on products or services for Network

Leadership training

Professional development

Community involvement

Marketing and sponsorship opportunities

Choose a Network level that works best for you

Upgrade your Network level at any time

Opportunity to grow your professional network at our Network Wide event

Let's Help You Grow!



This membership is ideal for those that are just in starting phase of launching their own business or are in the beginning phases of launching their business. 


  • Business Listed on Network Directory


  • Included in Exclusive Network Only Online Community

  • Hold your core profession slot at your Network Team Meetings for one year.

$297/annual  or $29.97/mo

This is for the go-getter, the gal who gets things done and doesn't look back. She gives back to her community but also is in full attack mode when it comes to growing her business.


  • Business Listed on Network Directory w/website link & upgrades


    • Social Media Links

    • Bio

    • NEW! Certification Logos

    • Helps to build  your SEO!!!


  • Included in Exclusive Network Only Online Community

  • Hold your core profession slot at your Network Team Meetings for one year.

$397/annual  or $39.97/mo

These ladies are the top elite. They know how important it is to invest in themselves but also the benefit of the added business exposure. 


  • Business Listed on Network Directory w/website link & upgrades


    • Social Media Links

    • Business Logo 

    • Bio

    • NEW! Certification Logos

    • NEW! Profile on Executive Member website page

    • Helps to build  your SEO!!!


  • Included in Exclusive Network Only Online Community​

  • Hold your core profession slot at your Network Team Meetings for one  year.

  • Business Logo listed on Paratus Network Website w/link to business website

  • Featured in Paratus Network News 

  • Receive opportunities to sponsor for our Network Wide events first!

$597/annual  or $59.97/mo

A portion of all participation fees and sponsorship's are given to a charitable cause.

If you represent a non-profit there is a discounted participation fee. 

Prices listed are before the $25 application fee.

Fees are subject to change with or without notice.

Application Process

We know you are wondering... so here it is!


After you submit an application, we confirm that there is no overlap in business core profession in the team your  applying for. If there is, you will be notified via email and be placed on a waiting list until another Network Team launches in your area or your core profession slot opens up.

Each applicant needs to visit a bi-monthly Team meeting at least once. This can be before or after the application has been submitted.


If you want more info to start your own Network Team, that can be found here.


After verifying no core profession overlap, the Team Lead then will reach out to you for either a phone interview or to meet for coffee. This encourages not only relationship building but to also see if what you are looking for fits with our mission here at Paratus Network.  


The Network Team that you are applying for votes on your application. If your application is approved you are all set and don't have to do anything else. Make sure to add us to your contacts so you don't miss out on any important emails!


We will notify you via email with the results of your application.  Please allow 14 business days (pending when you can chat with the  Network Team Lead and Holidays) to process your application.  NOTE: your application into the network does not "hold" your core profession in a team until your application has been approved.