Are you a leader or a great support for leadership? This role rotates in each Team every 6 months. The Assistant Team Lead supports the Team Lead and is nominated by the Team Lead. Both of these positions are applied for and if approved, require additional training before leading the first meeting.
  • After agenda is sent on Monday from HQ, update with Team info

  • Leads Team bi-monthly meetings 

  • Submit meeting reports after every Team Meeting

  • Acts as Hostess to Team events

  • Keep meeting running smoothly and positive

  • Updates Team on Team goals at meetings

  • Communicate to HQ with any concerns

  • Follows protocol if misconduct arises

  • Refer to Team Lead and Team Member Guidelines for assistance, then HQ

  • Tracks attendance and round table speakers on Team spreadsheet. 

  • If there is no Assistant Team Lead, the Team Lead must complete the role for the Assistant Team Lead as well. 


  • Receive agenda the Monday before your Team meeting

  • Track each Team's attendance (This is received from meeting reports)

  • Receive month end report for Team activity

  • Team meetings and events created by HQ 

  • Guest lists emailed to Team Lead the day before meeting or event

  • NEW!!! Team Groups for each Team to communicate and upload docs from round table discussions

  • Monthly Leadership meetings with the Founder

  • Contact HQ anytime with questions and concerns


1.     Set up a time to speak with the Founder 

2.     If agreed to move ahead, the next step is to apply

3.     Take personality test

4.     If pass this far, Follow up video call w/Founder

5.     If approved, complete New Member Orientation 101 and 102 (if not completed yet)

6.     Complete Team Lead Orientation before your first team meeting

7.     Put Team Lead monthly leadership meetings on calendar and plan to attend

Although HQ does track each Team's attendance we ask all Team Leads to utilize their Team spreadsheets that tracks round table discussion topics and presenters. This assists when there is a rotation in leadership for the Team as well as great for Team Leads to use to reconcile against when they receive their Month End Team reports. 


While the Assistant Team Lead can sub for Team Lead's we wanted to think of other ways that she could help when not subbing. Here are a few ways that we thought of that she could lend a hand. ​

  • Post in Team Group a sum-up or minutes after each Team Meeting 

  • Schedule the Round Table Topics and Team Member Speakers

  • Occasionally lead the Team Meeting 

Assistant Team Leads are the only ones that can sub for a Team Lead, aside from a Team Lead of a different Team. There should not be the assumption that if a Member is an Assistant Team Lead she will move up to the Team Lead position. 




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