1. Be Involved. Get the most out of your participation fee and participate! Invite guests, show up a little early and stay after a little late - networking with your fellow Team is a great way to build that relationship up! We always recommend attending other networking and community events together as a team. Have a good connection with a team member? Go out to coffee! 

  2. Referrals. Are not mandatory, but giving referrals are the best way to receive referrals. Plus referral passing and commissions made from those referrals are tracked by HQ. This not only helps with knowing where your Team is at with growth but it also helps to see how you are doing against other Teams in our Network. This is a great tool for marketing and showing potential new Team Members what can be achieved through the power of having a close Network.

  3. Attendance to your Network Team Meetings. As a Team Member you have 3 excused absences to use in your participation year. We understand that some things come up (sometimes at the last minute) and you might not be able to make every meeting. We ask that you find a substitute that is either at the same company you work for or in a core profession that is not already taken by a current Team Member. Your substitute must register for the meeting and you must let your Network Lead know as soon as possible. A good way to do this would be to introduce your substitute via email. After 3 missed meetings, depending on the situation, you would no longer be a part of the Network Team, your core profession slot may be opened in your Network Team and no monies returned. 

  4. One person per core profession.  This ensures no duplication of professions and less confusion for the rest of team for referral passing. Each Team Member may only represent the one core profession that is on their approved application at all Paratus Network Events and Meetings. If not followed your participation application may be terminated with no monies returned. I may however apply to have a second core profession and go through a new application process 

  5. Attitude is Everything. Be a good example and rock the golden rule. Referrals come from relationship building, so it may take some time. A good rule to remember is that with every referral you give, that referrer's professional reputation is attached, this is why receiving a referral is a HUGE compliment. 

  6. New Team Member Orientation. Learn the in's and out's of referral passing and giving, business etiquette and the type of referrals that you can give and receive. This class is held by the Founder, more information is available on the Team Network log-in page. ​​


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