We love having Members involved and having committees is one way we can do this! Depending on the size of your Team you may use all committee positions you may not - this is up to the Team. If you are interested let your Team Lead know! 


  • Print sign-in sheets for every Team meeting and event

  • Give completed sign-in sheets to Team Lead after each meeting or event

  • Make sure name badges are given to members at beginning of meeting

  • Collect all name badges after meeting

  • Re-orders lost name badges for guests

  • Welcome guests as they come in, after signing in introduce to Guest Concierge

  • Make sure guests have guest name badges

  • Make sure guests sign in

  • Re-order name badges for members if needed



  • Greet Guests after signing in and show them where they can sit

  • Introduce guest to other members before/after meeting

  • Collect business cards from each guest for yourself to follow up

  • Send thank you email within 2 business days from the meeting or event to each guest for attending and invite to next Team event (if good fit) cc Team Lead and Asst Team Lead

  • Send follow up email about 3 days before next meeting to invite.

  • Makes copies of guest fliers or orders them from HQ

  • Re-orders guest name badges



  • Is the contact and point person for the Team social events, this includes Team Only and After hours 

  • Plans event details

  • Emails HQ for marketing and creating event on website

  • No monies are to be collected. If your event requires any money down or a fee, for instance - a team event and you go bowling - HQ does not need to set up an event. This event would be handled and monies paid by each individual member. 

  • Take pictures at event for marketing (if there isn't a Photo Committee Member in your Team)

  • Send any pics to HQ for marketing 



  • Take pictures at Team Meetings and Events

  • Sends in the pictures to HQ for marketing

  • Posts pictures with Team Hashtag on Paratus Network Facebook page

TEAM LEAD/ASSISTANT TEAM LEAD: If there is interest in a leadership position  We can get the information to you so you can make an educated decision as these position are applied for.




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