Affiliate 101


What is a an Affiliate Program?

Bottom line is basically Paratus Network will pay any Current Member* a percentage of the an approved members' application. 

Why would Paratus Network want to do this?

To grow our network of professionals which then brings more referrals back into the network and Paratus Network to build up our capital to reinvest into the Network. This way.. its a win, win for everyone!

How exactly does this work? What's the process?

On each new member application there is a spot for the applicant to input where they heard about Paratus Network and asks specifically if from a member then who. This is how we know who would then receive the affiliate bonus. 

If the application if then approved, the member that referred the new member will receive the affiliate bonus via check. If the application is not approved then no affiliate bonus is given. 

How much is the affiliate bonus?

Right now the affiliate bonus is 25% of the application fee. So for instance if you, the current member, sponsors a new approved member in and she decided to come in at Director Membership Level, you would then receive 25% of the membership fee or $124.75. 

If the new member that came in renews her PNT membership, will I receive the affiliate bonus again? 

Yes, but not at 25% at 10%. So using the same example above. If your referred member decided to renew at the same level and her renewal application is approved, you would then receive $49. 

Is there a cap or limit on how many new members I can refer?


The best thing that you can do as a PNT Member is to have guests attend not only your meeting, but if you know there is an open profession slot in a different NT, please have them register to attend that NT.  PLEASE remember that ALL GUESTS need to be registered to be able to attend a PNT Meeting. 

*Current Member is defined as a person that has applied and has been accepted as a member of the Paratus Network Team. 

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