Our Mission

To educate each other and grow into the bold, confident women that God has called us to be. We give back to our community, lead by example and grow through mentoring. 


Our Vision

We not only look to help grow each other's businesses through our network but we also strive to

GIVE to others | LEAD by example | GROW by mentoring


Being a Part of Our Network is Simple.

The focus at our Team meetings are building community, mentoring and education. We start each Team meeting with a prayer and end with an ask. Every Team member takes a turn to lead a round table discussion thus growing in their leadership and presentation skills. 

Show up, be a positive support to your fellow Network Team and be involved in Network events.

Referrals are not mandatory, usually what you give, is what you'll receive... So give away!

Attendance to your Network Team Meetings are a good thing. Showing up helps build your relationship with your team, which leads to trust, which leads to more referrals for you to grow your business. Be a team player!

 We do have one person per core profession. Why? We know you probably won't share and be open in the round table discussions if your competition is sitting across the table from you.  

We keep these Network Teams at no more than 20 Members per Team. This ensures relationships are being built and quicker. There will be occasional Network Wide events which would include ALL Network Teams and all professions. This can only increase your overall network. 

Bi-Monthly Meetings

This is what a typical Network Team Meeting would look like. Depending on the location - with networking before and after.

One hour Network Team Meetings are structured as such:









* Guests must be registered. 

This is to ensure that there is no overlap with business categories with current Paratus Network Team Member. 


Each Network Team Consists Of

​ Bi-Monthly Network Team Meetings


Team-Only Events  

Network Team After Hours

Each Network Team consists of one person per core profession and no more than 20 Team Members. One person per core profession is only due to the round table discussions. Each team has one person per core profession simply because we have found that professionals won't be open to sharing with their competition sitting across the table. 

This structure not only helps to grow relationships but helps to build the Team's Network. Each Team Member is encouraged to bring guests to grow their Network Team. 


Plug 'N Play Model

Full support from HQ and Founder

 Profile on online Network Directory 

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Network Teams are no more than 20 in each Team

Member to Member Discounts 

Ability to be a guest at ANY Network Team Meeting (as long as your core profession isn't already filled)

Woman owned business and Women only Network Teams

Team-Only Events

One Person per Core Profession per Team

Leadership Training

Professional Development

Community Involvement

Mindy Cook, Founder

Network Team Lead

Are you passionate about helping other women thrive and bloom into stronger, more confident women? 

Do you love the challenge of leading others that ultimately impacts the lives of others?

Would you like to ultimately grow your own professional network of women that work with high integrity and a passion to grow their business as well as yours? 


Paratus Network might be the right fit for you!

We are currently looking for Network Team Leads to start up more Paratus Network Teams.

When you are a NETWORK TEAM LEAD the perks include:

  • Having the opportunity to hand pick your Network Team

  • Be a part of something that is life changing for the women in not only your Team but Network Wide!

  • Exclusive leadership training from our Founder, Mindy Cook

  • Full support with launching the Network Team from marketing to coaching to assisting you every step of the way!

  • Grow in your own leadership skills 

Sound good so far? Have more questions?

We believe all women have a story to share, that can change the lives of others.