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Who We Are

Paratus Network is a Business Women's Organization and was created as a way to connect professional women together using round table discussions. We utilize these bi-monthly meetings for professional development, mentoring and relationship building. Through this structure, referrals are created organically.


We GIVE back to our communities, LEAD through example and GROW through mentoring.

What Makes Us Different?

We have a support-centered approach to our business model. We believe that through the power of building relationships and trust, referrals will come naturally. Each Member is expected to pass referrals, however this is not the main focus of our bi-monthly gatherings. The focus is to learn from each other through the round table discussions that are lead by a member and each member rotates their turn to lead. 

Each Team has the support of HQ - our headquarters that consist of the Founder, Mindy Cook, HQ Director, Chelsea Herriman and a few other independent freelancers and entrepreneurs to help us keep the Network running smoothly. Learn more about everything that HQ does to support each Team here. 

How Does The Team-Part Work?

Each Team consists of Members that are voted on by the Members in each Team. Instead of having chapters with president, treasurer, membership, etc. Each Team meeting is lead by the "Team Lead", this position is rotated every 6 months. The role of the Team Lead is to keep the meeting on the agenda and in a positive atmosphere. To learn more about this role, click here

Members in a Team are asked to help with registration, guest concierge and planning events together. If the Team wants to add more Members, they work together to find the professions that they need - invite guests and follow up with each of them. To learn more about this Team structure, what does a meeting look like and more click here

"Be The Light That Others Need To See."

Mindy Cook, Founder

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